‘I have lived my whole life as an immigrant’

Ellinor Fristrom talks to Afghan refugees in Sweden

I’m sitting in front of a small coffee table, the walls around me have a bright yellowish green colour and in one corner of the room there’s an open fire, next to it stands a Christmas tree. I’m on an Island called Gotland situated about 95 miles outside the coast of Stockholm. In front of me I have two boys, Mohammad and Saeed who came to Sweden for more than two years ago. They are Afghan refugees but neither of them has ever set foot in Afghanistan.

Afghans in Iran are mostly refugees who have fled wars in Afghanistan since the April 1978 Saur Revolution in Kabul. Mohammad and Saeed’s parents fled from Afghanistan and like many Afghan refugees in Iran both Mohammad and Saeed were born and raised there. Continue reading

Should you be allowed to smack kids?

By Ellinor Fristrom

In Scottish and Wales legal systems changes have been made which will make it illegal for parents to smack their children but in England people still seem to think that parents know best.

According to section 58 of the Children Act 2004 it’s illegal for a parent or carer to smack their child except where this amounts to “reasonable punishment” But what is reasonable punishment? The Children Act 2004 says that it’s illegal to hit a child in a way that results in bruising, swelling, cuts, grazes or scratches but the age of the child is also taken into account. Continue reading

Expansion plans extend food queues

By Larisha Apete

Students at the University of Essex are becoming increasingly unhappy with the snail-paced queues at the university’s food facilities. One student claims that “the food is great, but I can’t just go there in between lectures, I haven’t got that kind of time”. However, is this down to poor service or could it be a consequence of the university’s plans of expansion?

In 2015 the university announced plans to increase student intake by 50% by 2019, after the government lifted its cap on student recruitment. Since then we’ve seen a £21 million investment in a brand-new business centre, the construction of the £26 million student centre and more recently the construction of the Knowledge Gateway’s Innovation Centre and newest campus accommodation, ‘The Copse’ – both of which open autumn this year. Continue reading

The corruption of sport

By Louis Allwood

On 26 February 2016, Gianni Infantino was elected FIFA President. With his shock election, he became the first Italian to hold the Presidency. The election followed the arrest of Sepp Blatter for his involvement in the Football World cup 2018 and 2022 corruption scandal.

Gianni Infantino didn’t have much to live up to following the events that had a disastrous impact on footballs governing body, FIFA. These events were clear breaches of FIFA’s code of ethics. However, they were not brought to our consideration until it had later escalated. In May 2015, over 4 years after the investigation had opened, seven incompetent individuals were arrested in dawn raids at a hotel in Zurich. Continue reading