Professional sport isn’t all richly rewarded

The news that the footballer Carlos Tevez is making £615,000 a week in China has stunned the world. But athletes in other professional sports are not well paid, writes Ellie Fox

We always have the earnings of footballers shoved frustratingly under our noses via a sleazy tabloid headline or a critical report. Not surprisingly, as we are all aware of this absurdity, Carlos Tevez (Shenhua FC) walks home laughing with a staggering £615,000 a week (according to TotalSportek’s database) being the current highest-earning player in the world. Although predominantly viewed as outrageous, little is seen to be done about this- wage reductions are rare unless performance worsens. Continue reading

Local elections: what you think spoke to students, workers and visitors on the University of Essex campus

Steve Winn, 49, security guard
Steve Winn, 49, a member of the university security staff, said: “I will continue to support the Conservatives locally as they’ve done a pretty good job so far. I don’t think young people are interested in the local elections because they don’t know what’s happening locally to them.” Continue reading

A ride from hell?

Paula Jakima checks out the Derren Brown Ghost Train at Thorpe Park

After months of anticipation for what was said to be an experience that is meant to ‘derail your mind’ and ‘bring you into a whole different world’, I finally decided to go to Surrey’s world famous amusement park, Thorpe Park, to test it out myself and see just how terrifying the ride actually is.So I set off to Thorpe Park with my best friend Jarod (no way I was going to go on my own – rides always scare me a bit, but having to experience the Ghost Train, I did not want to be alone). WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! Continue reading