Keeping your kids safe this Halloween

By Charlotte Goff
Halloween is an exciting time for children (and some adults), with the prospects of going out at night, dressing up and collecting enough sweets to last until the Christmas selection boxes come out. But as always, with excited children comes concerned parents-no matter how old they get.
Whether your children are just starting to go trick or treating or if they are off to their first house party, there are always things you can do to help keep them safe; here are some ideas.
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Life-saving drug has no support


By Lauren Dorling

A life-saving HIV prevention programme has been delayed because no one wants to accept responsibility for it.

NHS England provoked outrage last month after it cancelled a public consultation on PrEP – one of the final steps to proceed public availability – and announced that it will not commission the treatment as it is up to local authorities to do so. Continue reading