Meet Overdog, the un-rock’n’roll rockers

By Eleanor Fox

Students with a divine passion for music often form bands with strange names and even weirder lyrics to find their place or share their love of audio- be it screaming down the mic or singing operatically whilst furiously playing the violin in unison.

But how many of these bands actually stay together? I think my brother’s Uni band “Back alley abortions” (don’t ask) were jamming for all of three weeks. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 review

By Tom Larsen-Wright

The misfits of the marvel universe are back, an action packed sequel with another nostalgic soundtrack provides a film worth seeing. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 offers an uplifting two hours of entertainment, which is only held back by a somewhat shaky plot, some weak jokes, and a bit too much Hasselhoff. Spoilers beyond this point! Continue reading

Artists gear up for Eurovision

By Ell Holmyard

The 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Kiev, Ukraine this spring with the first semi-final taking place on 9 May, followed by the second semi-final on  11 May.

As for the Eurovision final, it is currently set for Saturday 13 May and will be aired live from 8pm on BBC One. Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast review

By Ella German

It came as a shock to many film fans when director Bill Condon was reported to be doing a remake of the classic animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson. Now it’s out, how does it compare with the original? Continue reading