Professional sport isn’t all richly rewarded

The news that the footballer Carlos Tevez is making £615,000 a week in China has stunned the world. But athletes in other professional sports are not well paid, writes Ellie Fox

We always have the earnings of footballers shoved frustratingly under our noses via a sleazy tabloid headline or a critical report. Not surprisingly, as we are all aware of this absurdity, Carlos Tevez (Shenhua FC) walks home laughing with a staggering £615,000 a week (according to TotalSportek’s database) being the current highest-earning player in the world. Although predominantly viewed as outrageous, little is seen to be done about this- wage reductions are rare unless performance worsens. Continue reading

Fifth loss in a row to UEA at Derby Day…

By Craig Bradshaw

University of Essex once again disappointed at the Derby Day sports event against University of East Anglia with a fifth consecutive loss to University of East Anglia.

Essex lost by a comfortable margin of 55 points to 15 in this annual contest between the two universities.

The Blades teams travelled to University of East Anglia in Norwich to face-off against their rivals, and hopes were high that a four-year losing streak could be halted. Sadly, the Blades capitulated and put up very little resistance. Continue reading

… but pole dancers savour triumph

by  Hope Woolston

Though Essex lost 55-15 in the Derby Day sports event, it won one of the newest sports on the scene, Pole Dance.

Essex pole grabbed both first and second place in the beginner’s category, first in intermediates and second in advance after two hours of spins, tricks and dance. Continue reading