A ride from hell?

Paula Jakima checks out the Derren Brown Ghost Train at Thorpe Park

After months of anticipation for what was said to be an experience that is meant to ‘derail your mind’ and ‘bring you into a whole different world’, I finally decided to go to Surrey’s world famous amusement park, Thorpe Park, to test it out myself and see just how terrifying the ride actually is.So I set off to Thorpe Park with my best friend Jarod (no way I was going to go on my own – rides always scare me a bit, but having to experience the Ghost Train, I did not want to be alone). WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! Continue reading

Time to leave the National Union of Students

The NUS is a confederation of students unions which supposedly defends your interests. Ella German thinks it is an expensive waste

In 2014-2015, the University of Essex and the SU between them paid a total of £38,185.78 for us to be part of the NUS. This year they want us to pay £52,000 and the one to follow will be £60,000. With the number of students at Essex increasing year by year so will our fees from the NUS.

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