New money for Colchester A&E

By Ellie Fox

The Department of Health has awarded £1 million to Colchester hospital to loosen the tension on its Accident and Emergency department.

This was the highest amount of funding available.

Colchester’s A&E performance target is 91.7% – it’s currently in special measures, which were imposed by the Care Quality Commission in 2013. The next assessment will take place in July. Continue reading

Local elections: what you think spoke to students, workers and visitors on the University of Essex campus

Steve Winn, 49, security guard
Steve Winn, 49, a member of the university security staff, said: “I will continue to support the Conservatives locally as they’ve done a pretty good job so far. I don’t think young people are interested in the local elections because they don’t know what’s happening locally to them.” Continue reading

Uni misses out on Colchester Monopoly space

By Alex Maxam

Colchester’s very own Monopoly board was released on Friday at the Mercury Theatre, however many are surprised to see that the University of Essex fails to make an appearance.

The university are among other sites in Colchester that are key to the town’s success failing to gain a spot on the board along with First Site. The arts and culture venue hosts an array of exhibitions popular with Colchester residents. Continue reading

Keeping your kids safe this Halloween

By Charlotte Goff
Halloween is an exciting time for children (and some adults), with the prospects of going out at night, dressing up and collecting enough sweets to last until the Christmas selection boxes come out. But as always, with excited children comes concerned parents-no matter how old they get.
Whether your children are just starting to go trick or treating or if they are off to their first house party, there are always things you can do to help keep them safe; here are some ideas.
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