Life sentence for sadistic killer Fairweather


GUILTY: James Fairweather

By Lauren Dorling at the Old Bailey

A teenage killer caught on the prowl for his third victim shrugged his shoulders as he was sentenced to a minimum of 27 years in prison for the murders of two strangers in Colchester. 

James Fairweather showed no remorse, mouthing “I don’t give a s**t” to his weeping mother.

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Warhol exhibition hits Colchester

warhol 1By Charley Goff

Colchester’s art centre, Firstsite, is now home to a grand exhibition of Andy Warhol paintings. It is the first time Firstsite has shown the work of a world-famous artist – the founder of Pop Art. The exhibition includes a range of paintings borrowed from other art galleries across the globe including Cow, Chairman Mao and Electric Chair as well as a range of artwork by those inspired by Warhol.

‘If  you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me and there I am. There’s nothing behind it’ – Andy Warhol

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