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Woman dies after crash in Wickford

By Melissa King

An elderly woman has died in a car crash on the A129 Southend Road in Wickford on 25th February, around 5:40PM. The roundabout which the accident occurred, has seen five other accidents in recent years.

The roundabout along the A129 Southend Road which connects Mount Road and Wick Lane has had five severe accidents since 2008, according to police figures on

Previous accidents on the roundabout include a three-car crash on 14th September 2011, an accident involving a girl being hit by a car on 5th October 2017, and a vehicle that crashed into an electricity pole on 22nd April 2017.

The elderly woman from Wickford, who flipped her car, was described as in her 80s. she was taken to The Royal London Hospital by air ambulance with life threatening chest and head injuries. The woman subsequently died in hospital a day later as a result of her injuries. A second victim involved in the collision was taken to Basildon and Thurrock hospital, but their condition is not thought to be serious.

The red Toyota Yaris appeared to have crashed into a traffic island. It then hit a blue Fiat 500 before landing on the roof on the mini roundabout connecting Wick Lane and Mount Road. The other car had a crack in the windscreen due to the impact of the collision.

The woman inside the Toyota was treated at the scene by an off-duty paramedic, and two off-duty nurses. Chest compressions were given before emergency services arrived. Witnesses found a canister of oxygen within the car, which was trapped inside. The paramedic and nurses required the oxygen when the woman stopped breathing. Several people assisted by lifting the car, enabling the oxygen canister to be released from under the car. The chest compressions and oxygen helped the woman to begin breathing again.

Curtis Price from Wickford assisted in the after-math of the accident by turning off the engine of the Toyota, finding the woman’s blue badge, and releasing the oxygen cannister. He said “I was driving down the road and saw the car on its roof. I went to check how the woman driving was, and if anyone had called an ambulance. I noticed the engine was still running and there was smoke coming from the engine, so I entered the car and turned off the ignition. I then found the woman’s blue badge and oxygen cannister. I asked for help from other bystanders to get the oxygen, as the woman struggled to breathe.”

Two police cars, an ambulance, and two fire engines arrived at the scene approximately five minutes after the emergency services were called. An air ambulance later arrived, taking the woman to hospital.

Police are investigating the crash and are appealing for witnesses with more information to come forward.

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