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#MeToo lives on in Facebook group

By Karin Ekblom

In December last year Maria Robsahm started the Facebook group #allavi (#allofus), to give women  a safe place to share their stories of sexual assaults and to break the silence about sexual misconduct.

The group started as a result of the #metoo-campaign that took of in October last year. In the description of the group, it states that its purpose is to give women a safe place to share their stories and to break the silence of sexual assaults. It also states that the group is for any woman affected by sexual assaults and today the group have over 57 000 members, and all who are women that in some way are, or have been, affected by sexual misconduct. The admins of the group stated that “our main focus of this group is to break the tyranny of silence”.

– The importance with the #metoo-campaign is not the sexual assault itself, but the silence. To break the silence is the key. When you see people that you admire on TV or hear about them on the radio, even if it is anonymous, then you feel like if they can share, so can I. For women to feel that it is allowed to share, to get support, that is what is central, Maria Robsahm said in an interview with Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio).

The hashtag #metoo started to spread virally in October last year, as a way for people, foremost women, to share their stories about sexual assault, but also to raise awareness of the extent of the problem. The hashtag started as an indirect consequence of the revelation of the film producer Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct to multiple actresses.

The #allavi- group also started the biggest appeal in the tracks of #metoo, where over 12 000 women signed the appeal that was given the name #allavi, to show the public that sexual assaults happens all the time, to everyone. Multiple mainstream newspapers published the list of all the people who signed the appeal in mid December 2017. Robsahm have stated multiple times that this is only the beginning of the #metoo-campaign, and that it continues to live on as a revolution in the form of, for an example, the group #allavi.


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