Micro-chips set to single out stray dogs

By Lois Worrow

A new law that requires every dog in the UK to be micro-chipped was introduced at the beginning of this month.

The law has come into force after the government declared that around 100,000 dogs are lost each year and according to the BBC could be costing the tax payer around £57 million.

The introduction of compulsory micro-chipping is their first step in attempting to combat the number of stray dogs handed over to animal rescue shelters.

It is now a legal requirement for every dog over the age of eight weeks to micro-chipped in England and Wales. Owners can face fines of up to £500 should they refuse to comply with the new standards set.

The microchips themselves are very small devices similar in size and shape to that of a grain of rice inserted into the scruff of the neck between the shoulder blades.
It is coded with the name and contact details of the owner so that when scanned, the owner can be reunited with their pet.

The law came into effect on April 6th 2016. Blue Cross, a UK based animal charity have said they had seen a “huge increase in the number of people bringing their pet in for microchipping” and they were offering a free service in branches throughout Britain in the hope of reaching as many dog owners as possible.

Should you prefer to have your dog micro-chipped at your veterinary surgery, it can cost between £20 and £30.

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