Independent candidates stand in Wivenhoe

by Victoria Williams

Wivenhoe has three independent candidates who have been nominated to stand in this year’s Colchester borough council elections on 5 May. All are members of the Wivenhoe town council which operates at parish level.

Shaun Boughton , 41, is one of the three candidates for Wivenhoe. He has been on the Wivenhoe town council for a year and also works as a parish safety agent.

Mr Boughton works closely with Essex police and is soon to have a meeting with Nick Alston in relation to the police cuts. He also works with Essex fire rescue to help educate local residents on fire prevention and crime prevention programmes. Shaun also works with the allotment association and is actively looking to recycle.

Mr Boughton works alongside Cllr Mark Cory and Cllr Mike Newton and has won £30k in funding for an outdoor gym which will be installed in a few weeks’ time.

Mr Boughton said: “I became a town councillor because I care a great deal about the place I live and the people I live amongst. Wivenhoe gives a great deal to Colchester but we get very little back and I want that to change I want a fair share of the cake. “

Another Wivenhoe independent is Andrea Luxford-Vaughan, who has lived in Wivenhoe for 16 years. She said: “I’m standing for election because Wivenhoe needs a strong voice that is not compromised by party politics. I will work with anyone to achieve what is best for our town, and oppose those that don’t.”

“I represent Wivenhoe at parish level, but it can be very frustrating to have influence locally but no power to make decisions at borough level. Wivenhoe is culturally very different from the majority of the borough and so needs local knowledge when making decisions that affect it. I want to give Wivenhoe a strong voice that isn’t compromised by party politics.”

Ms Luxford-Vaughan supports the borough council’s Wivenhoe neighbourhood plan for more affordable starter homes and housing for the elderly. She is keen to improve recycling, youth and community facilities in Wivenhoe. There are also plans to build a new settlement on the other side of the A133 and a waste site in the Wivenhoe ward.

The third independent candidate is Mike Newton, who has lived in Wivenhoe for 29 years and is a serving Wivenhoe town councillor. He is a proud family man with an interest in recycling, he supports the Wivenhoe repair café project. He is campaigning against the development of green spaces in Wivenhoe, he is also interested in building an outdoor gym which will help the local community.

Mr Newton said: “My vision is that Wivenhoe should be represented on Colchester Borough Council by ordinary independent Wivenhoe residents, and not by the national parties working from national agendas.”

Adrian Pritchard, Colchester borough council’s electoral registration officer, said: “Now’s the time to make sure your details are up to date on the register or visit to register, look out for your polling card and apply for a postal or proxy vote if you cannot vote at a polling station. Details of all this and more are available on the elections page of our website to help residents prepare.”

Anyone over 18 should check their details are up to date and to look out for their polling cards in the post. Voters can vote at their local polling station.

For any information on the elections, Colchester council’s website has details on

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