Suffolk mum’s erotic debut novel hits the spot

By Charley Goff

Local writer K J Dorward has soared to the top of the Amazon Erotica chart with her debut novel Three Words Falling – the first of a trilogy.

After quitting her job to pursue her writing career, the mum of three took inspiration from the global success of Fifty Shades of Grey and her “passion for literature” to fit in writing with her daily motherly life.

Since the first of the trilogy has been on sale Amazon ratings has been a huge success with an average of 4.6/ 5 stars.

Ms Dorward –  the “K” stands for Kelly –  said: “The feedback has been fantastic with all saying they need book two. I never imagined such a positive response.

Where most erotic novels follow similar plots, she says she aimed to break the mould with a change in roles for the characters. Three Words Falling is the story of a millionaire with a tragic past, Elizabeth Drake, whose fortieth birthday celebrations lead her to an erotic love affair with a man almost half her age.



“I started reading more and more about five years ago. As great as the books were and as much as I loved reading them, I was fed up with reading the same scenario – powerful, rich men who are in charge.”

As the story unfolds Elizabeth is unable to shake of her infatuation for the mysterious Sebastian Knight, who she met in a club.

“I wanted to put the woman in the driving seat, calling the shots and having control.

“I wanted to do the flip side of the books I’ve read so far, but with a shocking twist, that will slowly uncover over the series and all will be revealed in book three.”

Three Words Falling is available to buy and download on Amazon now.

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