Uni misses out on Colchester Monopoly space

By Alex Maxam

Colchester’s very own Monopoly board was released on Friday at the Mercury Theatre, however many are surprised to see that the University of Essex fails to make an appearance.

The university are among other sites in Colchester that are key to the town’s success failing to gain a spot on the board along with First Site. The arts and culture venue hosts an array of exhibitions popular with Colchester residents.

Ella Farleigh, who is in her second year at the university, told me that she believes the campus should have made an appearance on the board; “We are a big student town and there are student events going on all the time” and “It is a big part of Colchester to have the university”.

The brand new board features around 30 notable Colchester landmarks such as The Green Room, Fenwick’s and Colchester Castle.

Students of the university seem undeterred by their decision not to apply for a square on the board.

Jack Peters, also in his second year, questioned whether the university is fully part of Colchester as it lies in the Wivenhoe area. He also told us that perhaps there are “bigger landmarks that are more important than the university”.

Tyler Gutierrez, an American exchange student, told us that he was surprised that Colchester failed to make an appearance on the board as students contribute a great deal to the town.

The University itself declined an interview, however they did say, “This isn’t a priority for the University. We’re a multi-campus university, with a strong international focus, and our priorities lie with providing an excellent education for our students and conducting research with the potential to change lives.”

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