Is electricity the future of fitness?


GET FIT QUICK? Electrical muscle stimulation in action

By Lois Worrow

On a quest to get fit fast? How does six hours of gym exercise done in 20 minutes sound? 

Electrical muscle stimulation does just that, using impulses of electricity to cause the sensation of resistance to work the muscles much harder than in traditional exercise.

EMS training involves small electrical impulses that stimulate the muscles simultaneously, which its proponents say provides a much more efficient workout completed in a fraction of the time. It can work 98% of muscles while ordinary gym exercise works around 50%.

Jon Weston- Stanley, a health food and fitness blogger from Henley-On-Thames who runs the Healthy Jon blog, has used EMS with training provider, E-Pulsive.

“I decided to try E-Pulsive purely for the novelty of it,” he said. “ I had never tried or even seen electric muscle stimulation training before and thought that it looked like a really fun way to train.”

He trains with E-Pulsive, whenever he is in London on vacation from studying in Leeds.

“I train nine to ten times per week anyway so I haven’t noticed any visual effects,” he said. “But what I have noticed from my sessions with E-Pulsive is what an efficient workout EMS can give you. In the gym weight training I can work maybe three muscle groups to exhaustion and this usually takes me 45minutes, in EMS training I can work (almost) every muscle to the point of fatigue in just 30 minutes.

“I think EMS training will get more and more popular, the convenience factor will draw in the general public and the efficiency of the workouts are a major advantage for professional athletes. If the designs of the suits can be made more compact and more accessible to the general public I think EMS training could replace home gyms in the near future.

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