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A hidden treasure in Lincolnshire

Eleanor Fox visits Kinema in the Woods in Woodhall Spa

Grandparents will remember how the cinema used to be. It was such a treat! Boys would dress up in their finest suits and slick their hair back with bryl cream whilst the ladies would carefully pick out their prettiest petticoats and squeeze into their most exquisite heels.

The tickets were a keepsake- no bigger than a raffle ticket. Plush curtains were drawn around the screen until the movie began. Stunning lanterns decorated the walls either side of your seat. People only spoke in a whisper (if they dared) and everyone’s eyes were focused religiously on the screen.

Kinema in the woods, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, captures this preciousness in a yellow and blue building tucked away behind trees.

Once through the door, you’re surrounded by collectibles; daleks, artwork, records and everything in between. Even the lighting is delicately dimmed down. I can imagine it was an infamous setting for first dates; I’m doubtful couples would be in a kebab shop at 3am with full power lights blaring into their blood shot eyes back in the 20s.

I saw Swallows and Amazons; a film about two opposing groups of siblings that fight for the ownership rights of a little island. The film too is set in 1920 something so I felt as though I had been thrown (voluntarily) into an escapism of appreciation and a time of cherishing, and to be quite honest I didn’t really want to come back.

The cottage-like building is unforgivingly traditional and original; your local Odeon wouldn’t even come close. It encapsulates a period of time when small things were appreciated and best clothes were always kept for Sundays.

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