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Beauty and the Beast review

By Ella German

It came as a shock to many film fans when director Bill Condon was reported to be doing a remake of the classic animated Disney film Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson. Now it’s out, how does it compare with the original?

The story remains the same classic tale; as a young down to earth girl falls in love with a Beast who has had a spell cast upon him causing him to be trapped in the body of a beast until someone falls in love with him truly, or else he will be stuck forever.

The film was sparkling throughout with special effects such as the talking furniture. Overall, I would say the film had a very extravagant and fantastical feel throughout with the unsettling elegance of the castle and its grounds.

The films most known moment in the ball room is captured beautifully well, especially the famous yellow dress as the camera pans in to show us the golden detail on the dress.

In order to update such a classic film Disney added an extra element- the sidekick of Gaston, LeFou (played by Josh Gad) by making him a gay character. Unfortunately, I would say that the character is hardly the celebration of diversity that Disney could have, and should have shown. He comes across as being defined by the comic potential of his sexuality rather than just his sexuality being part of who he is as a person..

The songs are mainly from the original film, apart from 3 add-ins, all of which were done very well and stayed in tune with the other songs classic vibe.

It was a risky move creating a remake of an animated film that has already won an Oscar when it was first released 26 years ago. However, the cast and crew together created a mesmerizing piece that you will struggle to tire of.


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