Year 1 students

AUSTEJA TREINYTE is studying Journalism and Literature. I came from a small country located by the Baltic Sea called Lithuania to pursue journalism carrier. One day I hope to be a freelance gonzo journalist and that my investigative stories would be published in the biggest media outlets around the world for people to be informed and entertained. Apart from journalism, I enjoy reading books and collecting antiques. My website is

CALLUM SKINNER was born in Ashford, Kent. Studying politics as well journalism, he has a keen eye for a good story, both news and fictional stories. He is unsure is there is any specific form of writing he wishes to go into, but he knows with certainty writing is what he wants to spend his life doing.


Growing up in a small sea-side town on the South West coast opened me up to how globalisation could naturally only favour the rich and deepen the economic and social divide of neighbours. 

Ultimately, my aim is to attain the highest office of this land and change the world from the top- achieving this by any means necessary.

I am deeply rooted in the political philosophy of socialism and the eventual collapse of Neoliberalism and suit dressed men in their ivory towers. 

I also enjoy long walks and cooking. 

CHARLOTTE LEGRU was born in France in 1999. She moved to England to study Liberal Arts at the University of Essex and decided to add journalism after doing a work experience placement in France, in Lille. Her website is:

CHEYANNE BRYAN was born in south London in 2000. She has an interest in investigative documentaries and wants to pursue this interest in her future career. In her spare time, she writes news stories exploring books, films and crime. Find out more on her blog,

CONNOR O’MAHONY was born in Kerry in the Republic of Ireland in 1999 to two Irish parents, but has lived in Edmonton, north London, for the past 18 years. He wants to be a sports journalist.


I grew up in a small village only a 10-minute drive from the beach, where I spent most of spare time. I have a part-time sales assistant job in Clarks and have been employed for 4 years. I am unsure what my future career holds, but I’m hoping to use various skills I have learnt throughout my education to be successful.

JAMIE-PAIGE TUCKER grew up in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and spent a lot of youthful spare time in nearby Cambridge. She recently moved to Takeley, just outside Stansted airport, to start my 3 years at university. I have a huge interest in travel and the beauty industry. I hope that one day I can include my interests into my career as a journalist and write about things I am truly passionate about.

JESSICA DAY-PARKER is from East London, and has wanted to be a journalist for as long as she can remember. Journalism aside, I probably tried out every hobby during my childhood, and now my favourite thing to do in my spare time is write. I also fashion, films, and coffee.


Also known as The Lobbyist – is a young British journalist with a focus on political and current affairs commentary. He is editor of the public affairs blog – The Lobbyist and host of the political podcast, Lobby Rants with The Lobbyist which has featured well-known politicians and journalists such as Labour peer, Lord Adonis and Today Programme presenter, Nick Robinson. 

His current roles also include Head of News & Interviews at the University of Essex radio station – Rebel Essex. 

In 2015, he came third at the Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’ challenge for his speech on the state of British education, urging the audience to “take off their ties and blazers and bring on the education revolution”. Since then, he has gone on to do more public speaking events, frequenting the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute at their quarterly debates: wowing the affluent North London audience with his “Churchillian” voice as he tackles topics like austerity, higher education and the NHS. Other speakers at the HLSI debates have included well-known public figures like the Spectator Columnist, Toby Young and Liberal Democrat Peer, Lynne Featherstone. 

Kafui also writes a column for the news site, On London, where he writes about the political and cultural issues facing London.

(more available if you google me: Kafui Okpattah)


Hi, my name is Karolina and I’m from Kraków, a city in Poland. I am 19 years old and I moved to the UK to study Journalism with Human Rights at the University of Essex. I really enjoy making short movies and being behind a camera in general. In the future, I would love to work in broadcast journalism, especially as a producer.


I’m Leah Foss, I’m 20 years of age and I’m from Maldon, Essex. I’ve always had a strong interest in journalism and the media, and the way in which there are various different ways that the news is presented to us. How a journalist is able to express themselves within their work is what draws me the most. In the future, I hope to move on to magazine journalism, whether its beauty, lifestyle, travel or health. I also really enjoy the concept of broadcast journalism. 

MARK MURPHYis a Multimedia Journalism student at the University of Essex. He aspires to go into sports or music journalism. After his degree he aims to write and create pieces regarding football or music. His website is:


My name is Morgan Haggerty, I am from Colchester but have lived all over Europe – I spent a large portion of my childhood growing up in Germany but have come full circle and ended up back in Colchester. I am studying Multimedia Journalism at the University of Essex and enjoying living at home. I have hopes of working for a leading magazine company and becoming a fashion journalist in the future.


My name is Niamh and I am from Colchester, Essex. I decided to keep it local and go to the University of Essex to study Journalism and Criminology. I decided to do a joint degree as criminology gets me to question everything and delve deeper into the crime that happens in the world, why it happened and how we react to it. Journalism then gives me a platform to broadcast these thoughts and opinions, as well as many other things that interest me, preferably through broadcast and radio form. 


I’m Becca and I am studying multimedia journalism at the University of Essex but I’m originally from North London. I chose journalism as my course for several reasons, the main one being how the media is a virtually inescapable force, surrounding everyone all the time through international and national news, social media, blogs etc… Personally, I think it’s a fascinating industry and one that should be embraced rather than hidden. In a dream world, my future job would be the Royal Correspondent in either print or TV, working for the BBC or ITV. 

RUTH HARRIS is from a small village in Northamptonshire, Moreton Pinkney, but grew up in Zurich for 13 years before moving back to England in 2015. She is interested in fashion and lifestyle journalism. Her website is


An enthusiastic Journalism student who is eager to get into the world of blogging and fashion. I have always aspired to be the best I can be in whatever career I choose, whether that be working for a leading magazine company or running my own business! My main goal in life is to be the best version of myself and do what I love as a career.


is a Multimedia Journalism student who was born in Colchester in 1999. He’s interested in sport journalism and video production. After his degree he hopes to do some travel writing and documentary filmmaking. His website is


My name is Viktoria Nikolaeva Yordanova and I was born in Bulgaria in 1999. I came to the University of Essex to achieve my lifelong ambition and become a journalist. Words and their endless power was what motivated me to pursue a career in journalism and tell the world stories that will inspire, fascinate and leave their mark on people. My website can be found at: