Class of 2020

LEWIS ADAMS was born in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1999 and went to school in Colchester. He is most interested in sports journalism. His website is


LOUIS ALLWOOD was born in Basildon, Essex, in 1999 and went to school in Brentwood. He spends a great deal of time writing sports articles and would like eventually to make a living as a sports journalist. His website is

LARISHA APETE was born in Camberwell, south-east London, in 1998 and went to school in New Cross. This summer she plans on au pairing in Spain for three months to begin a journey exploring different cultures which she hopes to share with a large audience. Her website is

RHIANNON BEVAN was born in 1999 and raised in Ipswich, Suffolk. She wishes to put a lifetime of hours wasted on video games to good use, by becoming a gaming journalist; writing reviews, interviews and overall thoughts on the industry. Other interests include UK politics and social issues, history and film. Her website is

KAI CHENG was born in Malaysia in 1999. As the only Asian student on the Essex single honours degree course, she likes to write about the international students and what they experience here away from home ground. She blogs at

JESSICA CLAYTON-BERRY was born in West Bromwich in 1998. Prior to university, she studied creative writing, media studies, information communication technology and English literature at Corby Business Academy. After her studies, she would like to go into print journalism. Her website can be found at:

DANIELLE DAILEY-WICKHAM was born in 1998 and grew up in west London. She hopes to pursue a career in broadcast, either as a newsreader or radio presenter. Her website is

SHIVANI DUBEY is a joint honours Journalism and Business Management student from Mumbai, India. She loves to voice her opinions and is an avid cricket enthusiast. Her ambition is to work for the BBC some day. She blogs at

SOPHIE ENGLAND is 19 and was born in Southend, Essex. She grew up in Benfleet and attended the King John School and Sixth Form. She studied English Language, Photography and Food Technology at A-level. Sophie is interested in sport, in particular football, and aspires to be a journalist at Sky Sports News. Her website is


HANNAH HASSAN was born in 1999 and went to school in south-east London. She would like to be a broadcaster, reporting the news on television or radio. Her website is

EVODIE KAWELE was born in Congo. Since she was very young, she has enjoyed singing and participating in dance competitions. Her passion is to help developing countries and work closely with children. Her blog is at

MELISSA KING was born in Hertfordshire in 1999, and went to school in Wickford, Essex. She enjoys a variety of topics: sports – including football, cricket, dancing and formula 1, travel, fashion, and current affairs. She would eventually like to become a broadcast sports journalist. Her website is

THOMAS LEGG was born in Buckinghamshire in 1999 and went to school in Aylesbury. He attended musical theatre school as a child until taking an interest in journalism. After finishing his degree, he hopes to become a fashion journalist. His website is

INDIA-ROSE LINDSAY-WHEELER was born in Harlow, Essex in 1995. She grew up in Dovercourt and went to Harwich and Dovercourt High School. She decided to follow a career in journalism after doing work experience at the Archant group newspapers. She has taken a particular interest in crime journalism and human rights. Her blog is

TAYLAH LOWE-ALLEN was born in Hackney, east London in 1999 and later moved to Enfield. She has always had a keen interest in writing and wants to be a music journalist. Her websites can be found at and

SHERRY PAK LU was born in Hong Kong in 1998. She has completed GCSEs and A-levels in the UK. She likes reading and always keep an eye about what’s happening in society and in world affairs. Her website can be found at

MACAULLY MOFFAT was born in 1999. A local boy to Colchester, he found choosing the University of Essex easy. He spends his spare time watching and reviewing sports matches and films. The reviews and previews of football can be heard on his radio show, airing every Monday at You can also find his blog at

HK NORMAN is 19 years-old and grew up in Stamford. They are a political activist, and a member of the Labour Party. They identify as non-binary and genderqueer, and has been an activist for non-binary and transgender rights, running in the student election for the Trans+ officer post in October 2017, and is currently serving as President of Essex Labour Students. They have a keen interest in political journalism, and blogs at

EUAN ORRELL was born in Cobham, Surrey in 1997 and went to school in Woking. He would like eventually to make a living as a music journalist. His website is

JACOB OTTAWAY was born in Ipswich in 1998. His aspiration for most of his life has been to be a performer, specifically playing drums. However, he has turned his eyes on to the world of journalism in the past year, with a focus on sport, musical and political journalism, while hosting his own radio show at Rebel Essex and working as a white goods specialist part time. His website is


HARRY PETTITT was born in Colchester in 1997 and went to St Helena School. He is a huge Arsenal fan and loves everything topical from law to politics to celebrity gossip. He one day wants to work for the BBC. His website is


Class of 2019

CRAIG BRADSHAW was born in the Colchester area and attended Colchester Royal Grammar School before studying at Colchester Sixth Form College. He went on to play poker professionally before moving into poker journalism. He now works to produce content for a growing poker website. His other interests include writing poetry, poker, boxing, running, chess, fishing and football. He blogs at

SHAKIYAH BRANCH holds an American passport but considers herself a citizen of the world. Born in Japan and raised in America, she graduated in Germany and now calls England her temporary home as she is currently undertaking a journalism degree. With her degree she hopes to continue to travel and inspire people. She is a proud feminist and aims to bring more awareness to human rights issues. Follow her journey on her blog at

ELLIE FOX was born in 1998 in Wickford, Essex and has lived there ever since. She has endured and enjoyed work placements at Heart radio and the Echo newspaper. She is interested in equestrian and fashion journalism and hopes to specialise in one or theother. She blogs at

ELLA GERMAN was born in 1998 in Bexley, south-east London and went to school in Lee. She took A-levels in Drama, English Literature and Media Studies and is particularly interested in fashion and lifestyle journalism, as well as local reporting. Here website is

ELL HOLMYARD was born in west London in 1998. She did her A-Levels at Bishop Ramsey Church of England School in Ruislip, where she studied English Language and Literature, History and Photography. She would like to work as a radio broadcaster and has work placements with BBC Essex and the Essex Chronicle. A keen swimmer, she has competed in galas and synchronised swimming competitions. Her website is

PAULA JAKIMA was born in Sanok, Poland in 1998. She attended school in Slough and college in Windsor where she did A-levels in Media Studies, English, Sociology and Psychology. She enjoys creative writing and is an LGBT and women’s rights activist. Her website is

TOM LARSEN-WRIGHT is 19 and from Ipswich. He works at BBC Essex on Saturdays and previously did work experience at the Colchester Gazette. Tom is passionate about sport and music, but has a keen interest in journalism as a whole. You can find his work at

ROSS MCDERMOTT was born in Scotland in 1997 but raised in Dagenham from the age of four. He has an interest in writing, movies, playing the guitar and music (he’s particularly keen on Arctic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran). He has done work experience at BBC Look East and the Essex Chronicle. His website is

ALEEZA SHAH  was born in Medway, Kent in 1998. She took Media Studies at A-Level alongside English and Philosophy, Ethics and Law. She enjoyed work experience at BBC Look East in her first year. Aleeza has always dreamed of becoming an international correspondent and is on the journey to getting there. Check out her blog at

ANDREEA SZASZ was born in Brasov, Romania in 1997 and decided to come to the UK to study journalism because of her enthusiasm for writing and speaking with different people. She was previously doing work experience at BBC Essex and the Essex Chronicle. She is keen on travelling and hearing new stories. She blogs at

GEORGE WARE was born in Edinburgh in 1998. Spending the majority of his life in South Yorkshire, he studied a broad range of A-Levels, taking Physics, IT, English and History. George has had work experience at Heart Radio Essex and the Colchester Gazette and he hopes to follow his interests of sport and politics in a career in journalism. His website is and his email

HOPE WOOLSTON was born in 1998 in Colchester, Essex, and has lived and studied there ever since. She has a strong interest in broadcast journalism and has had work placements at TV and radio stations. In the future, she would love to work as a presenter for TV or radio and is particularly interested in lifestyle programmes. She has always had a passion for dance and performing arts, something she hopes will always continue. Her website is

Class of 2018

LAUREN DORLING was born in 1994 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and attended school in Dallas, Texas and Derby, England. Her website is

MOLLY GARLICK comes from Clacton in Essex.  Her website is

CHARLEY GOFF was born in 1997 in Great Oakley, a small Essex village, went to school in Frinton and took A-levels in Sociology, English Language and Philosophy. She has done work experience at BBC Radio Suffolk in Ipswich and blogs at

CIJO JOSE was born in the Indian sub-continent but moved to London as a small child and grew up there. He blogs at

WILLIAM MAILES was born in Southend in 1996, and grew up and went to school in Canvey Island. He blogs at

ALEX MAXAM was born in Colchester in 1996. He blogs at

JOEANN MURPHY is from Dagenham in Essex. She blogs at

VICTORIA WILLIAMS lives near Stansted in Essex. She blogs at and

LOIS WORROW is from a village near Ipswich in Suffolk. She blogs at