MEP to Anglian Water: “Don’t water down your staff’s pensions!”

By HK Norman

Alex Meyer, MEP for East of England

East of England MEP Alex Mayer is set to issue a warning to bosses at Anglian Water on Monday, criticising the planned closures to staff pension schemes.

The firm has announced the closure of their “Defined Benefits” pension scheme and further changes to their “Defined Contributions” scheme, which will affect 5,000 employees at Anglian Water.

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Family fundraise for facial palsy

By Jacob Ottaway

An Ipswich family have teamed up to fundraise money for the charity Facial Palsy UK, and have already made half of their £1000 target, with 9 months to go. The Reid family, from the Stoke Park area of Ipswich, are comprised of Paul and Kim, with their daughters Aimee (now Stannard) and Chloe. Chloe, 18, is all too familiar with Facial Palsy; a condition that usually entails the weakening or paralysis of muscles in one side of the face, isn’t exactly uncommon, with roughly 20,000 people a year being affected by Bell’s Palsy – the most common type of Facial Palsy.

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Women-only swimming lesson campaign gains traction

By Kai Wei Cheng

Over 50 people showed up in full support of the women’s only swimming sessions at Colchester Leisure World on Sunday the 11th of February.

Members of the Colchester Citizens Alliance- the local branch of Citizens UK who organises communities to act together for power, social justice and the common good- gathered the supporters right before the front doors to Colchester Leisure World (CLW) where they campaigned for truly women’s only swim sessions.

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Residents of Rowhedge Court left angered with the sensitivity of the smoke alarms

By Macaully Moffat

The Smoke Alarms within University are and have always been there to ensure Students’ safety within their accommodations. However, some students have shown their annoyance at their sensitivity, with the alarms picking up things so little such as hot steam from a shower. This has been the case particularly for students living inside Rowhedge Court, specifically House 5.

The first month at university has been some frustrating times for residents at House 5 of Rowhedge Court. The smoke alarms are appearing to be very sensitive, going off during various periods including early hours of the day.

It appears that the alarms are going off most mornings, with students taking showers at different times. A resident of the house, Adam Campbell-Drew says, “It’s annoying how the alarms are going off for like two seconds and at different times during most mornings”. He went on to further say how it is frustrating “especially when you can have a lie in due to later lectures and or classes”.

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