Runners raise £21k to beat leprosy

By Austeja Treinyte

Colchester-based charity Lepra is celebrating this week as 11 runners have completed the London Marathon raising over £20,000.

The runners raised money by holding quizzes, casino nights and even running their own fundraisers on Facebook to help transform the lives of people affected by leprosy. Continue reading

Our break in Corfu

By Emily Bickers

On Thursday 11 April Jake, Jake’s family and I set off for a week in Corfu for Jake’s Dad’s 60th birthday. With a total of nine people in tow we were good to go.

We were due to arrive at our accommodation later on that evening so it was going to be a long day. We arrived at about 10pm that night and I wont lie, I was freezing. Where can I get a cup of tea. Continue reading

A trip to the zoo

By Jaimie-Paige Tucker

When school holidays come around, the question is always: “What do we do to fill the time?” And in half term, we decided to take my siblings to London Zoo.

It’s been several years since I’d been to a zoo, let alone London Zo,  but it was not a disappointment. The Zoo is the perfect place for all ages: there are so many different areas and activities for everyone. Continue reading

A week in the Canaries

By Sarah Dickson

Over Easter I stayed in my grandparents’ house in Fuerteventura. Over six days, as well as sun bathing – obviously (although it doesn’t look like it now) – I did a lot of exploring of the island.

On the first day I walked up what is known as Chipmunk Hill in Caleta De Fuste, which was a very long walk but so worth it, the views were amazing. Continue reading

#MeToo lives on in Facebook group

By Karin Ekblom

In December last year Maria Robsahm started the Facebook group #allavi (#allofus), to give women  a safe place to share their stories of sexual assaults and to break the silence about sexual misconduct.

The group started as a result of the #metoo-campaign that took of in October last year. In the description of the group, it states that its purpose is to give women a safe place to share their stories and to break the silence of sexual assaults. It also states that the group is for any woman affected by sexual assaults and today the group have over 57 000 members, and all who are women that in some way are, or have been, affected by sexual misconduct. The admins of the group stated that “our main focus of this group is to break the tyranny of silence”.

Continue reading