Smoke alarms no good, say residents

By Macaully Moffat

The Smoke Alarms within University are and have always been there to ensure Students’ safety within their accommodations. However, some students have shown their annoyance at their sensitivity, with the alarms picking up things so little such as hot steam from a shower. This has been the case particularly for students living inside Rowhedge Court, specifically House 5.

The first month at university has been some frustrating times for residents at House 5 of Rowhedge Court. The smoke alarms are appearing to be very sensitive, going off during various periods including early hours of the day.

It appears that the alarms are going off most mornings, with students taking showers at different times. A resident of the house, Adam Campbell-Drew says, “It’s annoying how the alarms are going off for like two seconds and at different times during most mornings”. He went on to further say how it is frustrating “especially when you can have a lie in due to later lectures and or classes”.

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Students enticed by ‘social’ highs

By Melissa King

Students at the University of Essex report a number of motives for taking drugs, but demonstrate little understanding for the potential dangers.

Staying out until the early hours of the morning is traditional for students. But their nights out combined with their desire to ‘fit in’ can sometimes fuel the pressure into students taking illegal drugs.

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‘I have lived my whole life as an immigrant’

Ellinor Fristrom talks to Afghan refugees in Sweden

I’m sitting in front of a small coffee table, the walls around me have a bright yellowish green colour and in one corner of the room there’s an open fire, next to it stands a Christmas tree. I’m on an Island called Gotland situated about 95 miles outside the coast of Stockholm. In front of me I have two boys, Mohammad and Saeed who came to Sweden for more than two years ago. They are Afghan refugees but neither of them has ever set foot in Afghanistan.

Afghans in Iran are mostly refugees who have fled wars in Afghanistan since the April 1978 Saur Revolution in Kabul. Mohammad and Saeed’s parents fled from Afghanistan and like many Afghan refugees in Iran both Mohammad and Saeed were born and raised there. Continue reading

On the back foot – is women’s football taken seriously?

By Melissa King

Freya Bernard

For decades women have been on the back foot compared to men in football. Women feel that sexism is still apparent in society today, especially in relation to a typical ‘male dominated’ sport, such as football, cricket and rugby union.

Speaking with a female footballer showed that misogynistic comments are said about, and to them, despite encouraging efforts from governing bodies to tackle the issue, which is slowly improving the prejudice in traditionally ‘male’ dominated sports.

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