Journalist welcomes competition with open arms

By Louis Allwood

Joe Laws, currently writing for the Colchester Daily Gazette stated the controversial comments when questioned on the catastrophic impact Citizen journalists are having on the industry.

Joe Laws, currently writing for the Colchester Daily Gazette stated “Citizen Journalists are a great way of picking up hyperlocal stories, ones which wouldn’t be noticed by patch paper journalists otherwise. Citizen journalists are important as they can hold power to account.”

The welcoming of citizen journalists was a debatable response that was not expected. Taking in to account how the local news market has been narrowed significantly due to the increased competition, it would be expected for the reaction to be anything but supportive.

Sub-consciously we have been overwhelmed by technology; it’s our generation’s weakness. Our inadvertent involvement in today’s media is having a disastrous effect on professional Journalists and print journalism.

With newspaper sales rapidly falling, and the 10’oclock news going out of fashion, our attention is directed towards those that offer the free and immediate service. The culprits going by the name of citizen journalists have turned the media world on its head.

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Sport gambling ads are catching the young

By Sophie England

The younger generation, who love to watch sports in particular football, are being exposed to an increasing amount of betting advertisement. Over 90% of all TV advertising breaks during a live football match feature at least one gambling advert. An average of more than 12 per match screened during the build-up, half-time and post-match analysis, which often includes deals of free bets; something enticing to teenagers and the younger generation.

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Is cockney soon to be brown bread?

By Harry Pettitt

The cockney accent, famous for making millions laugh with the infamous Trotter clan as well as being the native tongue for on-screen gangsters like Phil Mitchel and Danny Dyer. The unmistakable accent is now regarded as a national treasure, a part of Britain’s heritage that plays an integral role in molding the unique identity of our capital city… but it hasn’t always been this way.

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