Boycott NSS, says National Union of Students

By Tom Larsen-Wright

University students across the country are being urged to boycott the National Students Survey.

The university survey, which is filled out by final year undergraduates every year, will decide whether universities can raise their tuition fees for the next academic year. The increased fees would start at a maximum of £9,500 a year, and could rise by an estimated 3-4 per cent per year. Continue reading

Time to leave the National Union of Students

The NUS is a confederation of students unions which supposedly defends your interests. Ella German thinks it is an expensive waste

In 2014-2015, the University of Essex and the SU between them paid a total of £38,185.78 for us to be part of the NUS. This year they want us to pay £52,000 and the one to follow will be £60,000. With the number of students at Essex increasing year by year so will our fees from the NUS.

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Meet the teenage king of Brexit

By Ellie Fox

Two-thirds of 18-24 year olds failed to exercise their right to vote in the EU referendum last year – and it has been argued that there wasn’t enough unbiased material at their fingertips. Their news feeds were congested with for and against Brexit propaganda which overwhelmed them.

But some young people were central to the argument – among them David Cooper, 19-year-old Brexiteer and owner of the Facebook page: EU I voted leave, Continue reading