A trip to the zoo

By Jaimie-Paige Tucker

When school holidays come around, the question is always: “What do we do to fill the time?” And in half term, we decided to take my siblings to London Zoo.

It’s been several years since I’d been to a zoo, let alone London Zo,  but it was not a disappointment. The Zoo is the perfect place for all ages: there are so many different areas and activities for everyone.

For example, at 1.30pm there was a live penguin show that we watched. It was really informative and so cute to watch all of the penguins fulfil their daily activities. Therefore, it was both educational, and a good time which is perfect for anyone aged 2 – 82.

We managed to get around the whole zoo in roughly 5 hours, which is pretty good going… And including travel that makes a whole day worth of fun, because who doesn’t love trying to work their way around the tube stations? We spent the whole day gawking at animals of all types! Reptiles, monkeys, lions and my favourite giraffes. My brother and sister loved it, giggling over which one looked the most like the gorillas. As you can imagine, the nice weather really lifted all of our moods too. All it takes is a tiny bit of sun to make any brit fancy an ice-cream, and that’s exactly happened.

I know that not everyone supports the ideology behind a zoo. Trust me, I’ve been sceptical myself at times, but I really appreciate the efforts that ZSL have put in to the zoo and to the charity that they are. “Fostering sustainable relationships between wildlife and people – because people thrive when wildlife thrives” is the moto that the zoological society stands by. When you buy your ticket in to the zoo, at optional 10% is added directly to the cost which goes directly to improving the animal enclosures. You can remove this, but who is saying no the animals? One lady kindly gave her whole estate to the ZSL when she passed, meaning a brand new, improved enclosure for the gorillas.

It’s a zoo and a charity! Which is easier on the mind in my opinion, as long as money is going into the animal’s welfare and treatment then I am willing to visit the zoo and go back again. ZSL London zoo is definitely worth the visit and is most certainly a worthy trip.