A week in the Canaries

By Sarah Dickson

Over Easter I stayed in my grandparents’ house in Fuerteventura. Over six days, as well as sun bathing – obviously (although it doesn’t look like it now) – I did a lot of exploring of the island.

On the first day I walked up what is known as Chipmunk Hill in Caleta De Fuste, which was a very long walk but so worth it, the views were amazing.

Then on the second day, I did some more walking along the beautiful coastal route into Costa Antigua. Which has a stunning man-made beach that goes on for miles and is surrounded by beach front restaurants and cafés. One of my favourite cafés along the stretch is called Café del Town. I go there every time I visit.

On the third day, we drove further out of the island where the big shopping centre was in Puerto Del Rosario, it’s so surprising how expensive Fuerteventura is compared to the UK, I spent 150 euro’s that day, Opps! Oh well I was on my holidays!

The fourth day, I didn’t really do much apart from lay in the sun and start to write this travel feature, why is doing coursework so much easier to do on holiday? It was probably the lovely heat; the sun makes everything better.

On the fifth day, we went out and about again but this time into the more mainland side of the island where all the lovely coves/bays are. The drive there was super scary, especially because we were going further and further up the hills. It felt like we were on a rollercoaster!

When we stopped driving, we got to this beautiful bay in El Cotillo which very traditional compared to everywhere else that was built up for the purpose of attracting tourists. While we were there, we had lunch in a very small and cute café over looking the bay, it was very picturesque! After lunch we decided to keep on travelling further up to see where we ended up, the roads were becoming steeper and scarier. Which I didn’t like as I’m not a very good passenger!

We stopped at a place called los Molinos, which was nothing but a rocky bay, so we couldn’t really stop.

On the sixth and final day, we went into Caleta, which wasn’t far from my grandparents house and had breakfast at the Atlántico centre which consisted of loads of shops and nice outside restaurants, before travelling home soon after.

I couldn’t recommend visiting Fuerteventura for a holiday enough, it is a beautiful island with loads of things to do.