Queen’s catering assistant jailed for theft

JAILED: former Buckingham Palace servant Adamo Canto

By Thomas Marks

A Buckingham Palace catering assistant has been jailed after trying to sell stollen possessions of the royal family on eBay including signed pictures, photo albums and medals.

Adamo Canto, 37, from Scarborough, North Yorkshire had stolen a large amount of memorabilia from private collections in the palace as well as expensive items from the gift shops. Police said the array of items he had stolen were worth between £10,000 and £100,000, including a photo album of containing pictures of the visit of President Donald Trump.

Canto’s haul was discovered during a search of his quarters at the palace’s Royal Mews, where he has worked since 2015. As well as the items found there were 37 items listed for sale on eBay, which were well under their true value – although Canto still made £7,741.

Around 77 items were taken from the palace shop and staff lockers as well as the Queens Gallery shop and the Duke of York’s storeroom.

Many of the items that were sold before he was caught were of sentimental value such as the Royal Victorian Order medal, for distinguished personal service to the Queen, her family or representatives, belonging to former British Army officer Maj Gen Richard Sykes who had it stolen from his locker. One medal sold for £350 was the Companion of Bath medal, the fourth most senior of the British order of chivalry, belonging to the Master of the Household.