Snow time’s no time for breaking rules

By Thomas Marks

The latest “beast from the east” may bring happiness to children of all ages but police warn there is a real danger it will lead to more people breaking lockdown rules.

England chief medical officer Chris Whitty said last week: “The UK is past the peak.” But infection rates are still worryingly high compared to the first lockdown and current rates in other countries. And the snow expected to spread through the south of England in the next few days will without doubt bring families out to play.

However, there is no pause of lockdown rules with people still required to social distance outside of their bubble and are only allowed to meet up with one other person outside for exercise.

Many police forces across the country are handing out heavier fines to those ignoring the rules in order to encourage people to listen and reduce the transmission rate.

There were problems last month when there was an organised snowball fight in Hyde Park, Leeds. On 14 January hundreds of people attended the organised snowball fight which was mostly made-up of students from universities in the area.

This time the snow is more widespread across the UK, which could lead to more instances like the one seen in Leeds as people seek to escape their homes. Police hope the use of fines will act as a deterrent.