Christina Jones announces debut album

By April Norris

Singer Christina Jones is set to release her debut album You Were My Compass in collaboration with composer and lyricist Kimiko Ishizaka. The album is currently available for pre-order and is expected to be released on 18 June.

Preordering Jones’ album gives listeners immediate access to her first single What Love Means to Me, a romanticised ballad which explores the singer’s battle with her own thoughts and self-harm in her pursuit of love. Jones provides a unique style as she incorporates varied genres drawing on her synesthesia and perfect pitch.

Jones has announced she will be featured in a virtual concert held by Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, on 16 February at 8pm EST. This will stream on Berklee’s Instagram and Facebook pages. She will perform an original composition as well as reciting her poetry.

Kimiko Ishizaka, who wrote the songs for Jones to sing, has said: “Valentine’s Day 2021 was my 20th wedding anniversary, an event I once thought I would never see. The fact that I got to experience this joy, as a new mother, is a testament that these songs can stir powerful emotions. The track we’re releasing now, What Love Means to Me, is the first song I ever wrote to fight the despair of having been abandoned. I hope that in Christina’s voice that you will hear the hope and the fear that I went through on my journey of healing.” Ishizaka speaks fondly of Jones and suggests that the two of them have had similar struggles.

As a musical theatre major at Berklee, Jones has pursued art from a young age, singing in school musicals, church and competitions. She has been a top contestant on American Idol as well as several appearances at the Apollo in Harlem New York. She has also had many musical theatre roles at the New Repertory Theater and Central square theatre.

Jones says: “It’s been such a wonderful experience recording these songs and navigating the story behind them; I’m happy that I’m able to bring Kimiko’s story to life.” The two have helped each other tell their stories and put them out into the world.