Battle begins for student union

By Teo Coroiu

The nominations for the University of Essex Student’s Union executive election started on 8 February, giving two weeks opportunity for every student to apply for one of the leading positions. 

Every year on 7 March, students are elected by the student body to represent them for a year. They pause their studies, take a “sabbatical”, and work full time the whole year to make student`s voices to be heard.

The nominations close on 22 February, and after that, a fight for the main positions will starts. Seven SU positions are full-time and paid: President, VP International, VP Education, VP Student Experience, VP Welfare, VP Community and Engagement, VP Southend.

There are four candidates for the President position: Alexandru Ilie, Kieron Franks, Mark Kiley, and Samira-Caterina Monteleone.

The candidates for VP International are Ahmed Majidzada, Dan Seorici, Filip Michl, Kenilkumar Dholakiya, Nashwa Alsakka, UJ, and Yi Shan.

For VP Education the nominees are Callum Broadbent, Charlie Cooke, and Leah Amy Lovatt.

The nominees for VP Community and Engagement are Adrian Tejan- Jalloh, Isabella Ciuta, Luka Kokhreidze, and Sophie Kanbangu.

Olivia Matthews is the only candidate for the VP Student Experience.

For VP Welfare we have Dorothy Akuamoa, Vinnosh Kumar, and Smitkumar Rakholyria.

Alina Spudyte and Hannah Akhalu are the canidates for VP Southend.

In addition to the seven full-time positions, students have the opportunity to be a part of Student community officers who ensure that their communities have a voice. These communities are made up of minority groups such as LGBQ+ or Disabled. Each campus needs to choose the type of officers that they consider will be the best to represent them. 

After the nomination is closed, the actual campaign will starts where every student who decided to participate in the election will need to create his/her campaign with their friends or classmate’s support and spread their message.

The campaigning will take place between 1 and 12 March. 

On 10 March at 10:00 GMT, the votes will be opened until 12 March at 14:00 GMT. Due to the current rules, everything will be online, including the voting process. 

The results will be shared on 12 March at 18:00 GMT.