Silver State Film Festival set to return this year   

By April Norris

The annual independent Silver State Film Festival will come to Las Vegas this September, after being forced to take place entirely online last year due to coronavirus restrictions. The festival will take place at the cinema Century Orleans 18 and XD as well as the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Festival creators Jon Gursha and Peter Greene forecast that COVID-19 restrictions on socialising and traveling will have improved enough by September to allow both filmmakers and the public to experience the festival in full.

Gursha has said: “We’re optimistic that the festival will be an in-person event, and we will have it on the ShortsDaily Roku Channel if need be. People want to come back to Las Vegas and experience the Silver State Film Festival and the city of Las Vegas.” Gursha’s statement has given some optimism to regular festival-goers and film enthusiasts, who are beginning to hope for a return to some normality in the entertainment industry.

Greene stated: “We’re excited to host everyone at the Century Orleans 18 and XD, it’s fun seeing everyone in the theatre and on the Casino property during the festival.”

This year’s film festival is expected to be larger than previous ones due to the growing number of inquiries from international directors and producers, as well as an inevitable influx of people eager to attend after feeling deprived for so long as a result of restrictions.

Highlights from the 2020 festival include Used and Borrowed Time by Sophia Romma, Renee Lekach and Sergio Voronin; Covert Activity by Fiona Lincke and Frank Dion; Gam Cam Grrl by Michael Paul Girard; and From the Ocean by Bide Yuan, Jingyao He, Jiayi Li, and Yongkang Yuan.

Submissions are currently open for Silver State Film festival 2021 for screenwriters on FilmFreeway as well as independent filmmakers.