Sustainability team raises urgent climate issues

By Anca Miron

University of Essex Sustainability team is conducting surveys on carbon emission and biodiversity at Colchester campus as part of a global policy programme.

On 9 December 2020 Essex University joined over 20 UK Universities in declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

Sustainability engagement officer Rebecca Moss said: “Our aim is to achieve a net zero emission across all our campuses. We want to gather views from across the University community on the things we should be focusing on and how they feel they can play their part.”

The Climate Emergency Group set up in September has taken up the carbon footprint issue and is assessing the quality of their policies with aims to provide a target date for achieving net zero emissions.

With less than 1 million hedgehogs left in the UK, Soft FM Services and Grounds teams work towards making Colchester campus a safe space for hedgehogs to reside in.

“We’re making sure our campus is litter free, and have a set of hedgehog boxes as well as natural log piles that provide a source of food for hedgehogs and a shelter for them to sleep in,” said Moss.

Gold award winning three years in a row, they take pride in being home to 2800 trees as well as some of the rarest species of birds and animals.

Grounds manager Marcus Clayton said he was “honored” to play an active role in promoting flora and fauna across all three campuses.

“We’ve got lots of wildlife here on campus, and that ranges from grass snakes and Kendra geese to woodpeckers,” he added.