Hidden disability group to launch

By Lucy Bennett

Whether you have a hidden disability or are simply looking for information, the new Hidden Disability Society on the Colchester campus has got you covered.

The society was created by Jessica Torry, who is the president, and the secretary Molly Rennie after the pandemic has hit hard on students across the university and they wanted to offer more support.

They aim to fight the injustices of hidden disabilities as they gain a lot of stigma as some people believe they don’t exist, or people are making them up as they can’t physically see the side effects of them.

The term hidden disability covers many different illnesses some include autism, diabetes, arthritis, or many different mental health problems.

The society has currently been approved by the university and is in the midst of creating a social media page so lots of students across campus can become involved.

Many students would agree that the support they have received during the pandemic from their universities has been lacking across the UK.

This society uses that chance to create a safe space where students can find others in a comparable situation or find support which gives the feeling of not having to struggle alone.

With the government’s current restrictions, the society plan to start hosting sessions online and gradually move to in person once the restrictions are lifted.

The sessions are planned to be casual drop-in sessions where anyone is welcome and can ask any questions about the topic of hidden disabilities.

The society aims to also provide any professional support to students who are struggling and to raise more awareness for people who may have a hidden disability.

During the pandemic, more and more people are struggling in silence due to the reduction of socialising in person which means this society is a good way to reduce the number of people who may be suffering.