The RAG week has begun



By Teo Coroiu 

University of Essex is going to host a whole week of fundraising events to help the Colchester Food Bank and Black Minds Matter communities. 

There are a range of different activities started on 22 March for those who want to get involved and help Colchester`s charities. 

Students can take part in a challenge, make a donation or be part of the 50-hour radio marathon organized by Rebel.  

The Student`s Union set up fundraising pages as part of the RAG week to raise money for the Colchester Bank Food and Black Minds Matter and everyone can donate throughout these pages.  

People can join to the Brit 2021 and Live below the line challenge or can go to donate food for Colchester bank online.  

The Brit 2021 challenge was launched on 15 March and it runs until 23 April. This challenge is organised by the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT) to support young adult mental health in the UK.  

The challenge involves entering a team to cover a 2,021 distance through either hand-cycling, cycling, wheelchair, pushing, swimming, walking, jogging, rowing or paddling 

The Live below line challenge is to spend five days living off 1£ a day for all food and drink. The challenge aims to bring awareness to the 690 million people around the world living below the poverty line 

Also, the Vteam organised two events taking place on 27 and 28 March where students can go and help them to sort donations, pack items, tidy the area, and get it ready for people to receive their packages.  

Rebel will be hosting on Twitch their 5th annual 50 Hour Rebellion from Thursday 12pm until Saturday 2pm. This 50 hours straight radio marathon will host shows from members of the Essex community raising money for the chosen charities.  

The Colchester Bank Food is providing three days nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people in crisis, over of third of those who they help are children. They are working alongside with The Trussell Trust to combat hunger and poverty across the UK.  

The Black Minds Matters mission is to connect Black individuals and families with free mental health services offering by Black therapists.