One case of Covid on Colchester campus this week

By Teo Coroiu

Yesterday, on the University official website it was reported just one case of coronavirus for the Colchester campus and zero for Southend and Loughton campuses this week.  

It can be seen a slow decrease in the number of cases on the three campuses.  

In the last three weeksthere`ve been around 15 positive cases not just among students but among university staff as well.  

There are just 11 current positive cases for Colchester campus. With six students on campus and five students studying remotely, they are self-isolating at the moment.  

For Southend and Loughton campuses, there are not any new or old cases of coronavirus during the last week.  

Until now they`ve been administrated 11,621 Rapid Antigen swab test for the Colchester campus, 1,480 for Southend, and 1,447 for Loughton campus.  

Also, they`ve administrated 6,575 Rapid IgM/IgG Antibody tests for the Colchester campus, 992 for Southend, and 967 for the Loughton campus.