The Student`s Union holds an Easter celebration

By Evelina Mezennaja

The SU offered free Easter Nest ingredients this week. The pack includes everything you need to make six cakes. Also, they launched a Zoom meeting this Saturday afternoon where the SU members will show how to create your deserts. After the meeting, everyone will have a chance to present their Ester cakes and win a 50, 30 or 20-pound voucher. 

Apart from that, the SU arranged the Easter egg hunt between 1 and 4 April. The prize is a free Easter Egg and hot chocolate drinkavailable for collection from 6 April. 

The hunt started at the stem building in square one, and after scanning a QR code, the description of the following location appeared on your screen. Overall, everyone needed to find around nine papers with an easter egg picture and QR code around campus. Most of the sitewere well known, and the descriptions were easy to understand. However, some knowledge about pre-covid-19 times on campus would be helpful. 

Apart from learning about some new places on campus, such as a sports centre, BBQ areaor cinema, which this year weren’t widely used by students, you could learn some historical facts. For example, one of the hidden locations was an accommodation house named by an English feminist who took part in women’s suffrage. Everyone doesn’t know this fact, and the description didn’t give the name but only the year of birth, so without history knowledge or google, this task would be challenging to complete.  

The covid-19 measurements are eased now, so it’s an excellent opportunity to spend some time outside with friends, enjoy the sunny weather and have fun. 

On the finish, it’s required to take a selfie with the last Easter egg with a QR code and send it by email to SU with the description of all the locations where you’ve been.