Big London Bake returns to the public

By April Norris

Award-winning Big London Bake returns on 17 May, in which participants will be partnered with a professional baker over the course of a month-long competition.

In each round, participants will be placed in twelve teams of two and given ingredients, tools, and instructions to create their culinary masterpiece in 90 minutes.

In order to keep to the Covid-19 guidelines, all the 12 separate stations will be two meters apart. There will be a deep clean after every session. PPE given to every guest, huge venue with an absolute maximum of 24 guests. No sharing of equipment and all staff are specifically trained.

The only requirement is that participants must arrive 15 minutes before the time on their ticket. Late arrivals over 15 minutes will forfeit their participation, as all sessions are carefully designed to last the full 90 minutes. In these cases, tickets cannot be moved or refunded. Tickets range between £35.00 – £45.00.