From a Bartenders Perspective

By Molly Rennie

Since some Covid-19 restrictions were lifted on April 12th many people in the hospitality sector faced going back to work, including me. 

I work in a medium sized bar and restaurant, when restrictions lifted and we were able to serve people outside I was excited to get back to work.

Busy pub as rules change
New rules allow people to meet at pubs outside

However, I don’t know if it’s the extended amount of time we have all spent away from each other or customers were always like this and I was simply not used to it anymore. But people are rude! 

During my first week back at work it is safe to say that I cried more than once over things that happened. But there is one instance that really shocked me. 

I was on the closing shift at work when a considerably drunk woman got up on one of our outside tables, so I politely asked her to get down for me. Which after some expletives and shouting she did. 

But a few minutes later she was going round our garden area hugging the customers and shouting in their faces. On this night a few of our customers were extremely vulnerable adults from the local def school so I felt a need to protect them. 

One of the customers asked her to step away from the vulnerable people and she picked up a highchair, threatening said customer with it. 

At this point I approached the woman and the person she was with to ask her to leave or I was calling the police, she shouted at me and looked as if she was going to hit me so I headed back inside quickly, where she followed. 

Luckily the person she was with at this point escorted her away from the bar, but this incident really showed me how members of the public have started to take their social drinking too far after not being able to do it for so long. 

All we are asking as people working in hospitality and customer services is that you treat us like human beings.