Leadership Race: Nominations are open!

By Teo Coroiu  

Every student on campus has the chance to be part of the Student Community Officers and among the Parliament Representatives by nominating themselves for one of the positions.  

Each campus has their own Parliament. They meet once a month as a collective, and then break into their individual campus meetings.  

Parliament makes change happen and ensures that the university is a place where every student`s voice is valued, and where they enjoy being.  

Student Community Officers also sit on Parliament, but in addition to this they help shape the events on offer to the student body, and ensure their community is represented at the highest levels of the university’s decision-making process.  

There are 34 posts available for students. The roles are: Blades, Post graduate, SU staff, International, Bame, LGBTQ+, Student parent and carers, Women, Disabilities, Mature, Societies, Commuting students, V-team, Black officers, SU services officer, Mature officers, Student parent & carer officer, Trans officer, Disabled students’ officer, and LGBQ+ officer.  

On SU website, students can find out the way in which they can nominate themselves for one of the positions.  

The students who want to run for one of the positions should write a 30word manifesto, add several different mediums photos, and to self-define themselves after this they should submit the documents until Monday, 17 May.  

The campaign will take place between 19-23 May, the voting will start on 24 May and it will  close on 26 May.  

The results will be posted on Students Union website on 27 May.