SU’s Greenhouse Café is an Immediate Success

By Claudia Bradley

The Student’s Union’s new Greenhouse Café has enjoyed a week of success since opening at the start of term, 17th January.  

SU’s “newest social space, created by and for Essex students” has seen many visitors flocking through its plant-decked doors in a race for much needed Starbucks’ coffee. 

“It’s a really nice place to catch up with friends,” one student said on the @essexsu_greenhouse Instagram page. Another said: “There’s lots of cute plants, the lighting is really good. It’s great for Insta pics.” 

One staff member said: “I think the Greenhouse Café is lovely, it’s got lovely scenery… it’s quite calm and relaxing.”  

The Greenhouse Café is open from 08:30-21:00 on weekdays, 10:00-18:00 on weekends, and can be found on Square 3 down the corridor next to the SU Bar.  

As with other SU spaces such as The Store and The Extra Store, much of the profits made from the Greenhouse Café ultimately goes back to being spent on students in the SU’s bid to be “the world’s most student-centred organisation”.  

The money the SU receives goes towards services for students such as societies, sports clubs, volunteering, and SU Advice.  

Check out @essexsu_greenhouse for a chance to win “a HUGE back to Uni treat”.  


This week’s social events at the Greenhouse Café:

24/01/22 14:00-16:00 International Students Mixer  

25/01/22 16:00-18:00 Black Students Mixer 

27/01/22 14:00-16:00 LGBTQ+ Mixer 

28/01/22 12:00-14:00 Student Parent & Carer Mixer  

31/01/22 12:00-14:00 Students of Faith Mixer 

02/02/22 11:00-13:00 Students with Disabilities Mixer 

15/02/22 17:00-19:00 Arts and Humanities Mixer  

16/02/22 17:00-19:00 Social Sciences and Health Mixer  

17/02/22 17:00-19:00 Sciences and Health Mixer  


Join the mixer to receive 25% off your Starbucks drinks!