Essex students ‘among most intelligent in UK’

By Sam Myles

According to new research carried out by Oxford Summer School, Essex has been ranked the eighth most intelligent area in the UK. 14.8 percent of students achieve the top grade of 9 at GCSE in the core subjects of Maths, English Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Essex appears to be the best at science, with 21.8 percent of students receiving a grade 9 in Biology, 20.1 percent in Physics and 19.8 percent got the top grades in Chemistry.

Neighbouring county Cambridgeshire was ranked the third smartest region, with 17.2 percent of students achieving a grade 9 in Maths, Science and English Literature at GCSE.

The top spot went to Greater Manchester, with 17.9 percent of students achieving a grade 9 in the core subjects at GCSE.