Tendring cat regains his health and quality of life

By April Norris

An overweight cat named Lester has gone into remission for his diabetes since being put on a special diet, losing a fifth of his bodyweight.

Rachel Fortescue, 53, from Frating, in Tendring, Essex, had contacted Royal Veterinary College when she noted changes in Lester’s behaviour.

She said: “Last year, we noticed he was starting to drink and pee more which is something to watch out for in older cats as he’s 13… We went on holiday in October and Lester’s cattery commented on his behaviour as well which is when we took him to the vet… The vet did some blood tests and they came back showing his glucose levels were high indicating diabetes.”

Lester had insulin injected twice a day, as well as undertaking a glucose curve test.

The tests were sent to the Royal Veterinary College and within the week they had Lester on a diabetic remission trial and after four weeks he was in remission.

Lester’s new diet is high in fibre as was provided by the Royal Veterinary College as part of his food management programme.

Rachel reports that Lester is like a new cat and runs around with her other cats instead of isolating himself. She advises other cat owners to see a vet as soon as they see changes in their cat’s behaviour because remission is common if caught early.