Father wants new probe into Balkwell death

By Sam Myles

Bereaved father Les Balkwell has asked High Court judges to order a new independent investigation into the death of his son.

The body of Lee Balkwell was discovered in 2002, with his head and shoulders trapped between the drum and chassis of a concrete mixer lorry.

The court was told that Essex Police’s decision not to reinvestigate the case was “unlawful” and “irrational”. They were also told that the father claimed to have “intelligence” that his son may have been “punished in a drug deal”.

The father secured a pathologist’s report which allegedly provides evidence that his son was “likely dead before he was crushed” and “there is strong evidence of staging of the scene in an attempt to make Lee’s death appear to be an accident”.

John Beggs QC, representing the Essex Police, acknowledged the failings of the original investigation but said there was no new intelligence.

Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Bennathan are expected to deliver their High Court judgment at an unconfirmed date.