Hooligans attack buses in Chadwell St Mary

By April Norris

Three buses had their windows shattered in Chadwell St Mary on Monday, potentially by a pellet gun. This prompted a temporary pause in bus services in order to protect the public. Ensign Bus Company have said this morning that it could be a gun, catapult, or some sort of pistol, but are currently unsure.

Two incidents occurred at 6pm in River View, Chadwell St Mary, and a third in Marshfoot Road at 8:45pm.

Ensign reassures that public transport is safe and said: “We can’t fix anything that isn’t broken.”

They also said that the incident was only a case of vandalism, and there was no evident intention of theft or robbery. Essex Police are investigating the matter.

Bus services are reported to continue as normal; Ensign says that withdrawing services would “inconvenience up to a thousand people”. This has been the first attack for six months and the first in that particular location.

Ensign says the public should report incidents to the police, and not to approach them, at risk of further harm to the public.