It’s a Pirate’s Life For Pete

By Claudia Bradley

The Peter Pan Panto is about to burst onto the stage this week after Covid interrupted Christmas plans.  

Peter Vetere (not Pan), a film studies student who plays a pirate in the panto, said: “I’m really excited to put on the show… We’re all really excited. 

“Everything is going really well. Nifemi, the director, has done a very good job bearing in mind the situation hasn’t been ideal. She’s got the show back on track,” he added.  

The cast did around 16 hours of rehearsals a week, which really “ramped up” after the Christmas break.  

They’re ready to take audiences to Neverland (at the Lakeside Theatre) on February the 15th and 16th 

Peter explained how the first shows at Christmas got cancelled because of Covid.  

He said: “Everything is working, the dances are so much better now. Even though it was crappy to have it cancelled we’ve had extra time to make it better. We haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing, we’ve been improving.”  

Peter added: “I don’t think we felt safe inviting a lot of people to come on campus and see a show and put them at risk when they could live two hours away. We didn’t want to put people at risk.”  

“I almost missed out on it because I had Covid the first time around,” he said. “To be honest I was quite happy it was postponed over Christmas because now I could actually do it. I hadn’t actually gone through the performance in the costumes at the point in time when I got Covid, so I am excited to be able to do it now.”  

Peter described how audience members for the Christmas shows were able to either get a refund or keep their tickets for the rescheduled shows.  

“As far as I know quite a few people are still keeping their tickets to come and see it on the 15th and 16th, including my family,” Peter said.  

“My grandad is going to be in the audience, so he’ll be fun,” he laughed. “He’ll make a lot of noise, like you should do in the panto. I’m sure we’re going to have a great audience.” 

The pantomime is suitable for all ages. Tickets cost from £6 and can be found on the Lakeside Theatre website: