Ukraine and Russia: How Will Other Nations Be Affected?

By Claudia Bradley

A Lebanese student shares how neighbouring countries might suffer in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.   

Alan Yammine, a 19 year old biomedical science student, said: “Lebanon is influenced by countries such as Iran and Syria, which both have good relations with Russia simply because they don’t with the US. This has been ruining our economy since 1990 once the civil war in Lebanon ended.”  

He continued: “Iran will now have a reason to invade. That’s what a normal Lebanese person would assume, as they have been preparing for that geographically and ideologically for years.”  

About the conflict, Alan said: “Honestly I just can’t believe it. It’s 2022, things have changed, people should have already learnt, especially the politicians.”  

“Neighbouring countries’ refugees fled from their own countries to ours,” he said. “Our Lebanese population is around 4million, with another approximate 2million refugees scattered around the country.  

“Barely any aid is given to them,” he added. “They are also a reason for our crisis in many ways.”  

Nearly 70,000 terrified Ukrainians have fled to neighbouring countries.  

27 EU nations have decided to accept Ukrainian refugees without asylum applications on Sunday. 

Ukrainian women and children rode trains, cars and ferries to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.  

Essex students joined together in protest outside the Art Exchange on Friday, which was the subject of an article on EssexLive: