First woman cured of HIV

By Hannah Reid

First Woman believed to be cured of HIV after stem cell transplant  

An American research team reported that it possibly cured HIV in a woman for the first time.  

 The scientists used a cutting-edge stem cell transplant method. The woman received a transplant of umbilical cord blood as part of her treatment and has since not needed the antiretroviral therapy which is required to treat HIV. 

 According to the scientists the transplanted cells that were selected have a specific genetic mutation. Which means they can’t be infected by the HIV virus. Resulting in the recipients of the immune system becoming resistant.  

 Sharon Lewin, president-elect of the International Aids Society, cautioned that the transplant method used in this case wouldn’t be a viable cure for most people living with HIV.  

 Sharon, president-elect of the International Aids Society added that this case “further strengthens using gene therapy as a viable strategy for an HIV cure”.  

 These findings are yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, so analysis by other scientists is limited.