Pregnant woman gives birth after heart attack and 3 strokes

By Hannah Reid

Texan woman gives birth after Covid causes heart attack and three strokes 

An unvaccinated pregnant Texas woman who survived Covid-19, a heart attack and multiple strokes is urging others to get vaccinated. 

Diana Crouch was 18 weeks into her pregnancy in August last year when she tested positive for Covid-19 and was taken to hospital with low levels of oxygen. 

Crouch was on oxygen for the first three days, then they put her on a ventilator as doctor Dezfulian said her condition was “dwindling”. 

 During her hospital stay she was put on ECMO – a heart-lung bypass apparatus – as a last resort. Doctor Dezfulian said, “the reality is there’s a limited number of hospitals in the country who are able to provide ECMO support and care for pregnant women”. 

 After a month after being placed on ECMO, Crouch suffered three strokes and a heart attack. The doctor said, “she also had a hole in her heart that had blown open that allowed for blood clots on the right side of the heart to essentially cross over to the left side”.  

The husband to Crouch said that her condition has “kept getting worse and worse”.  

 Crouch came off ECMO when the baby was 28 weeks as her lungs had improved. Dezfulian said “the ability to ventilate her meant that the clot risk went down a lot”.  

 The woman’s breathing on her own improvements stopped due to her developing pneumothorax, which is air inside the lung cavity. The medical workers decided to take her off blood thinners and perform a Caesarian-section operation.  

 Spending “139 days” in hospital Ms Crouch managed to give birth at 31 weeks to a baby boy on 10th November. Named Cameron after Dr Dezfulian.  

 Baby Cameron “did require oxygen support,” said Dr Dezfulian but “within a week was completely off”. 

 Diana Crouch was finally able to go home on the 23rd of December.