University of Essex finds the most boring person

By Natalie Hensel

Research by the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex has determined various features and habits which make a person boring.

Dr Wijand Van Tilburg, who specialized in psychological factors of boredom, conducted a five-part study to find out whether stereotypes and occupations influence people as being perceived as “boring”. 

According to the study, people working in jobs including juggling a lot of figures like accounting and data analysis were seen as particularly boring. Hobbies like watching TV and religion do not seem to be perceived as exiting and linked to lacking humour and generally negative attributions. 

The participants were asked to identify features of a “boring” person followed by ranking them. Additionally, they had to link positive attributes to those “boring” types, whether they would be avoided and perceived as a costly in society. 

Dr Van Tilburg told the Colchester Gazette, that studying boredom is the opposite of it. “These paper shows how persuasive perceptions of boredom are and what an impact this can have on people.”