‘When Covid hit, we were shut down’

Godfrey’s Creperie

Since re-opening, businesses have been forced to change their procedures regarding customer service and their opening hours.

In Colchester, many local businesses suffered. Those new or old have faced the inevitable and have had to put new measures in place.

Godfrey’s Creperie, a food stall offering ‘a taste of France’ through pancakes and crepes, has been one of many to have faced difficulties in Covid times.

Simon, the owner said: “When Covid hit, we were shut down. As soon as the government said we could open again, we did.

“Before Covid, we used to open seven days a week but now we only open four days a week.”

Due to the ease of transmitting the virus, situations can occur where an employee could receive a positive Covid test. The sudden result would lead to employees being kept off work impacting business.

He said: “An employee can test positive out of the blue,” so businesses have had to create contingency plans in order to aid their business in surviving.

Brazilian steakhouse, Preto Churrascaria said: “There has been less eating in and more takeaways.”

Some employees have been given alternative schedules in the workplace due to some guests opting for takeaways instead of eating in.

A relatively new business, Bar 82-The Espresso Lounge, was established last year. With regards to setting up during Covid, they said: “We only opened in November, so we haven’t faced any significant impacts.”

Being a newly emerged business, they said they hadn’t experienced the expected flow of people that they may have attracted in times before the pandemic.

“Obviously, there would be more customers if people weren’t so worried about Covid.” Even in these mask-wearing times, the bar still attracts local attention.

Businesses have had the need to adjust their aims and mission in order to survive within the Covid period. Despite facing unavoidable changes, these businesses are ultimately still thriving.