Charity Shops in Colchester

As a foreigner, there is one thing that has caught my attention in Colchester: the amount of charity shops. Being a student and buying essential things on a budget has saved me loads of money, while also helping the environment. Here are my five favourite charity shops.  


Their focus is on the wellbeing of every pet, with the help of vets. Their shop is in 38 Long Wyre Street and they have a good range of clothes, kitchen utensils and home décor. Additionally, they also have brand new items such as calendars, pens, and other gadgets.  


British Heart Foundation  

Maybe one of the most popular shops in town as it has two branches; one in 108-109 High Street where they focus in furniture and electrical-ware, and the other one located in 24a Long Wyre Street where they have clothes, kitchen utensils, toys, and books. Additionally, in the back of the store there can be found prom dresses. The store itself is quite small, but it has a lot to choose from. 


St. Helena Hospice 

Operating in 78-80 Culver Street, they also use a Depop account to showcase their more exclusive items. They have in total 5 shops, each with different ranges, but this is one of their most spacious stores with a huge variety of clothes and tableware. There is also a big section of toys and plushies. The décor section contains a lot of vintage items – a favourite if you like to collect vintage bits and pieces. 


Dogs trust  

Another charity shop which focuses on pets, more specifically dogs. It is located at 4 Trinity Street and offers a variety of items. Their range of clothes is less, but they have a good amount of kitchen utensils, home décor, books, handcraft items and a huge amount of puzzle games. They also have their own merchandise in the store, from a pair of socks with dog’s design, to poo-bags for your dog.  


The Salvation Army  

One of the biggest charity shops in town, with a good amount of everything. Situated in 112 High Street, (right next to Spar), it has everything one can imagine, including electrical devices like kettles, coffee machines and toasters, as well as in-season items. Additionally, they have a variety of clothes and shoes. Most of these items are in great condition, and they also have a lot of brand-new items you can get for bargain prices.