UK:s reaction to the Ukraine conflict

By Esztella Papp

On the early hours of Thursday the 24th of February the Ukrainian people awoke to loud bombings in many towns as the Russian president Vladimir Putin sent troops to invade Ukraine in an attempt to launch a ‘full scale invasion’.

It has been said that Putin doesn’t want to occupy Ukraine but to protect people from bullying and genocide. So, they want to de-militarize and de-nazify Ukraine.
Russian troops showed up on Ukraine’s borders from the north, east and south, including Belarus. Russia has bombed military bases near most of Ukraine’s biggest cities.

Boris Johnson has called a cobra meeting on the ‘unprovoked attack’. Johnson had a call with Ukraine’s MP Volodymyr Zelensky and vowed that the west will not stand with Putin. Johnson then took to twitter to express that Putin has chosen the path of ‘bloodshed and destruction’ by launching the ‘unprovoked’ attack on Ukraine.
Martial law was instantly imposed in Ukraine. Traffic jams built rapidly as people were trying to flee Kyiv.

A foreign secretary Lizz Thess summoned the Russian ambassador to explain Russians ‘illegal and unprovoked’ invasion of Ukraine. Then stated that the UK will be imposing ‘severe sanctions’ in its mission to stop Putin.

The UK has chosen to act safely due to Putin’s comment saying how any country who gets in his way will face instant action. Johnson has put into place a package of sanctions. Five Russian banks have had their assets frozen, three Russian billionaires had been given a travel ban. And the prices of oil has soared past $100 in the hopes of stopping Russia from carrying on this invasion any further. More economical sanctions from the UK has been said to be put in places in waves as this horrendous invasion builds up.

Putin has said to have told the Ukrainian people that they have the choice to choose freely whether they want to stay or leave the country. He also urged Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their weapons on the east as Moscow will not hesitate to take more action if needed.

Cities such as Kyiv, Ivano Frankivsk, Odesa, Mariupol, Dnipro, Kramatorsk and Kharkiv has faced a number of explosions cautions hundreds dead and thousands injured.

Two weeks ago the UK nationals has been advised to leave Ukraine as tensions built between the two countries. Ukraine has closed its airspace to all civilian flights. UK has also suspended all Wizz air and Ryanair flights to Ukraine.

Ukraine isn’t apart of NATO, therefore the UK has decided not to send military help as of now to the country. Putin has accused the west of ignoring Russian demands of preventing Ukraine from joining the western NATO alliance and offer Moscow security guarantees.

Many UK members of the parliament have had very mixed opinions of this whole catastrophe. But they all have agreed that Putin has taken this too far. To the point that it has put national fear across many countries of the start of a new world war.

Defense secretary Ben Wallace has called this a ‘naked aggression against a democratic country’. And the fear of Russian invasion have been rising for months. Another member and chairmen of the defense select committee has explained that UK’s baffling choice to hold back on sanctions until after the Russian invasion had not shown to deter Putin and that Ukraine needed support including weapons and communication systems to counter cyber capabilities and that the NATOs no fly zone would be a gamer changer into deterring Russia.

No doubt that Putin’s actions will be an echo in the 21st centuries history. It has been proven worldwide that Putin’s choices don’t benefit the Russians, and no other country stands with him.